Health Flights Solutions is a global service provider, aimed at providing a range of services and solutions for healthcare providers, insurance companies, multinational employers, governments and medical tourism facilitators. Our technology-based solutions are user friendly, cost-effective, and allow our clients to automate processes and provide a consistent patient experience. We are committed to ensuring data security and protecting patient privacy, whether it's complying with the strict US HIPAA standards or the even stricter European directives. We offer a trusted online marketplace which connects consumers and buyers of healthcare services with the world’s leading providers.

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The Global Patient System® is a secure, cloud-based system which allows you to automate and streamline your
international patient flow. Ideal for Hospitals/Providers, governments, facilitators, insurance companies and self-funded employers.


The Global Benefits Association (GBA)

The Global Benefits Association (GBA)

Headquartered in the United States with offices around the world, The Global Benefits Association (GBA) is the non-profit trade association for the Global Benefits and Expatriate Industry with its sole and primary focus being on health insurance, employee benefits and other insurance benefits that are delivered on an international basis and across borders. The purpose of the GBA is to provide a single authoritative voice for the Employee Benefits and Expatriate industry around the world and to grow the global benefits industry in a positive direction and to facilitate knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking opportunities for those in the global insurance industry. The Global Benefits Association (GBA) represents employers, insurance companies, agents, consultants, brokers, Third party administrators, reinsurers, administrators, payers, government bodies and entities, healthcare providers, corporations, vendors, and other industry professionals.

Medical Tourism Association


The Medical Tourism Association is a Global Non-profit association for the Medical Tourism and International Patient Industry. The MTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers and other buyers of healthcare – in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives – with a focus on providing the highest quality transparent healthcare. The MTA is also committed to raising consumer awareness of international healthcare options, and has specific initiatives designed to educate and increase the number of consumers who travel for healthcare. It also educates consumers through its programs, such as its Health & Wellness Destination Guides.

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