Medical Travel Program

Health Centers Plus® offers self-funded employers a supplemental healthcare benefit by providing access to a carefully selected domestic and/or international network of medical providers for surgeries and other planned procedures.

Centers of Excellence

Health Centers Plus offers a medical provider network that delivers personalized, high quality care in the United States and overseas. Several of our providers are specialty facilities, offering a high level of expertise and efficiency in their fields. The specialties include orthopedic, cancer, spine, major heart, Hep-C, dental and many more.

Cost Savings and Cost Predictability

For companies with self-funded insurance, surgeries and other planned procedures can be very expensive. With our pre-negotiated bundled rates, not only are the costs more predictable, but you can pay up to 30-50% less than you current rates and generate savings of up to 6-10% on your overall healthcare spend.

Flexible Program Design

We help you build a flexible program that works in concert with your health plan. By selecting the procedures, facilities, locations, and other options, you can create the optimal program to suit your needs. And, you can share the savings with your employees through waived co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance, covered travel expenses , and reimbursement for other incidental expenses.

Medical Second Opinions

We can implement a second opinion program to determine the proper diagnosis and prognosis of the patient and to identify if there is an alternative or less invasive medical procedure that can be performed, or to confirm the treatment plan before the patient receives treatment.

Employee Engagement & Dashboards

As this is a new benefit, employees must be educated and engaged in the program. We provide a complete employee engagement program, designed to inform your employees about the quality and savings available to them and how to benefit from them. We make it easy for employees to be continually engaged through our proprietary, secure, online, employee engagement platform. Our employee and family dashboards keep employees updated on the entire process, while our employer dashboard provides continuous and real-time feedback on the utilization and effectiveness of the program.

Managed Services

We understand that medical travel requires coordination and you may not have the resources to implement the plan. We, therefore, provide a full range of services to manage the entire process, including support for the employees to answer questions or concerns, assistance in arranging the procedure with the right provider, transferring medical records, scheduling the procedure, scheduling travel and accommodations, transitioning back to local care, and verification of billing.

HIPAA Compliant Management Platform

We use a proprietary, HIPAA compliant technology platform to manage the entire medical travel process. This collaborative platform is used by our team and the providers’ teams for well-coordinated patient management, medical document transfers, ancillary service management, and a lot more.

Consulting & Program Setup

  • Cost Analysis
  • Network Selection
  • Procedure Selection
  • Second Opinions
  • Pharma

Employee Engagement & Dashboards

  • Employee Education
  • Employee Engagement Platform
  • Employee Support
  • Employer Dashboard

Member Services & Administration

  • Facility Selection
  • Medical Records Transfer
  • Medical Care Coordination
  • Travel Coordination
  • Billing Verification
  • Process Management