A platform to manage patients who travel for care (domestic or international)

The Global Patient System® (GPS) is a HIPAA-compliant patient management and process automation system built specifically to manage patients who travel for care. GPS is ideal for hospitals/providers, governments, facilitators, insurance companies and self-funded employers. It is cloud-based, allowing easy access from anywhere using any browser, and requires no programs to be installed on your computers and no investment in specialized hardware.


GPS provides lead management, business process management, work flow automation, patient management, quote generation, business collaboration (management of a provider network), collection of medical records, medical records storage, notes, reminders and escalations, and a host of other features. Unlike off-the-shelf CRM or ERP products which are built for sales, GPS is service oriented, and is built specifically to manage the unique needs and nuances of patients who travel for care. Our technology allows you to stay in compliance with the stringent security and privacy regulations covering protected health information, ensuring that reasonable safeguards are applied to protect patient information from inappropriate use or disclosure.

GPS does not replace your HIS, EMR or other internal system. It supplements your primary system by providing functionality to fill the gaps that your primary system lacks. It allows you to automate the components of the medical travel care continuum, such as the initial interactions with the patient, collection of medical records, medical records storage, capturing of concierge needs, telemedicine with the patient, collaboration with providers/doctors/other service providers, and aftercare coordination with the primary physician.


GPS allows you to use a single system to track the life cycle of each case, giving your patients and institutional/government buyers the assurance that each stage of the process will be tracked and managed efficiently. Its unique design allows you to create your own ecosystem to collaborate with your partners (referrers, service providers, travel partners, etc.) by giving them secure, individualized access to the centralized system. The patient portal provides transparency and secure interactions, empowering the patient, strengthening the overall relationship and improving the total patient experience.


Organizations, including hospitals, clusters, insurance companies, and other service providers often lack the tools and technology required to manage their medical travel business. Many use excel spreadsheets, manila or Sharefile folders, off-the-shelf CRM products, non-encrypted emails or insecure email channels like Gmail/Yahoo to share protected health information, which ultimately translate to higher staff costs, lost potential, lower productivity, mediocre patient experiences, and overall lack of growth and revenue. A sound business strategy can fall flat on its face if there is no infrastructure to support it. The Global Patient System is designed specifically for this specialized niche business, and will allow you to streamline your operations and optimize internal efficiencies, while increasing patient conversions, improving patient experiences, and achieving profitable growth.


  • Integrated, comprehensive, end-to-end system
  • Cloud-based with easy access from anywhere with no infrastructure investment requirements
  • Compliant and Secure: HIPAA compliant and Privacy Shield certified
  • CRM capabilities to allow management of the patient from inquiry to aftercare
  • Process-automation with customizable workflows
  • Role-based access and granular access controls for each participant
  • Escalations and alerts to monitor every stage of the patient’s process through the system
  • Secure communication through encrypted portals
  • Call scripts and Email templates for consistent patient communication
  • Patient case management with notes, quotes, appointments, treatment plans and travel documents
  • Medical Records management, including MRIs, which can be shared with hospitals and doctors through secure access
  • Patient portal for a single point of dissemination of information
  • Involvement of the referring/primary care physician to promote continuum of care
  • Video-conferencing between patient, referring doctor and treating doctor
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting suite
  • Mobile app for easy patient access from anywhere, including uploading pictures of medical documents




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