International Patient Management

The Global Patient System is a secure, cloud-based system which provides content management, business process management, work flow automation, patient management, quote generation, business collaboration, and a host of other features. Unlike off-the-shelf CRM or ERP products, it was built specifically for international patient management, keeping in mind the unique needs and nuances of international patients. Read More

Medical Tourism Portal is a free, confidential, independent resource for patients and industry providers. The portal seeks to provide transparency in both quality of care and pricing. Read More

Medical Travel Program

Health Centers Plus® offers self-funded employers a supplemental healthcare benefit by providing access to a carefully selected domestic and/or international network of medical providers for surgeries and other planned procedures.. Read More

Second Opinions

With iHealthConsults™, you can establish your own Medical Second Opinions program for both domestic and international patients. The user-friendly patient and referral doctor interfaces can be white-labeled and linked directly into your website to easily capture Second Opinion requests. Additionally, through our alliance with Partners HealthCare, based in Boston, Massachusetts, iHealthConsults gives you the opportunity to offer professional medical second opinions from the world’s most renowned specialists including specialists from Harvard Medical School-affiliated hospitals. Read More